Development of an online dating portal

December 2016 - September 2017
Development of a high available online dating portal placed with integrated CMS as cloud solution

Multiple technologies have been evaluated in order to determine the optimal mix of tools for the implementation of the planned portal. After evaluating e.g. NodeJS, ASP.Net MVC 5, ASP.Net Core as well as “Orckestra C1 CMS” and “Orchard CMS” a concept was build upon a native ASP.Net Core environment having its content integration accomplished by a later to-be-defined headless CMS. As a result of evaluating frontend technologies like server-side rendering with Razor, ReactJS, AngularJR, VueJS and MithrilJS, the focus has been set on the usage of VueJS. The application environment has been designed as a microservice-based environment in order to provide independently scalable API endpoints for a future mobile app.