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Reach your goals efficiently - with a plan

Prerequisite for a successful realization of a software project is the optimal approach. Our agile and battle-tested methodology supports and involves you - adjusted to your needs - into the successful realization from the beginning.

  • Conceptual design and planning

    Requirements analysis


    Together we collect your requirements and turn them into use cases and user stories.
    These user stories will now be assigned to multiple iterations depending on their priority and urgency.

    Thus you will immediately have an exact overview of the sequence of each single step in development

  • Iterative development


    Continuous Integration

    On start of your project you will gain access to a portal, where you can see the current state of development and leave further feedback.

    If technically possible and agreed within your project you additionally gain access to a testing environment in order to directly test the very current version.

  • Short release cycles

    Release Management

    Reach your goals faster with small steps

    At the end of each iteration a release is created. Part of this release are all successfully implemented and tested features, which have been agreed upon for the current iteration.

    Thus additional or adjusted requirements can be easily integrated during the complete development lifecycle preventing cost-intensive reconstructions become necessary at the end.