Migration of Lotus-Notes Application to .NET

2020 - 2020
Customer: IT Service Provider for insurance associations
Migration of existing Lotus-Notes application for automated processing of email and fax messages in internal application for statutory accident insurance

Alongside with a general migration to a system environment completely based upon Microsoft Office, the existing Lotus-Notes application for classification of incoming email and fax messages and forwarding to the processing chain of the internal application for statutory accident insurance has to be evaluated and analyzed in order to elaborate concepts on how to transform the application into a .net based solution. Additional goal is an integration of future message channels (messages from an existing web portal for cooperative members, connection to „Besonderes behördliches Postfach“ (BeBPo, messaging platform for governmental and legal exchange)) and development of a common user interface as a WPF desktop.

The import from each input channel as well as the forwarding to subsequent systems has to be processed by console applications upon a customizable schedule.