2018 - 2022
Own product development
Concept and development of a cloud-based headless CMS as a public service

The application consists of the building blocks:

  • Frontend for configuration of fields, content types and the data management built upon these
  • REST API for data management
  • Frontend for internal reporting, payment management and application configuration
  • REST API for internal management services
  • Public content delivery API

While the frontend services are built as single page applications with Bootstrap 4.0 as the layout component and VueJS as rendering- and application component, the REST services are built as microservices with .Net Core and CQRS/ES using the EventFlow library. PostgreSQL has been chosen as data persistence layer.

Each frontend and REST microservice is built and deployed within the Azure DevOps Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment pipeline as a docker image stored in the Azure Container Registry and published to a managed Kubernetes Cluster in Azure.